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Where We Work

Where We Work 2
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We work in East Africa along the Swahili Coast. Our partner artisans are located in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Explore where our products are made below!

Sandals & Beaded Leather Cuffs

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

All of our Sandals and Beaded Leather Cuffs are handcrafted at the Swahili Coast Cooperative in Tanzania. All of the artisans at the Swahili Coast Cooperative are part-owners and receive fair wages for their work. We operate at above fair trade standards. The Sandals and Beaded Leather Cuffs are crafted using traditional techniques. The beads are strung onto a fishing line which is then stitched onto natural leather, creating beautiful, modern designs.

Kenya Collection Brass Jewelry

Nairobi, Kenya

Our Kenya Collection Brass Jewelry is hand-tooled at a cooperative in Kibera--one of the largest slums in Africa, located in Nairobi. All of the jewelry is made from recycled brass with accents of horn and bone. Thanks to the cooperative, these artisans have the economic mobility to move out of the slum. Remarkably, they have decided to stay, to continue lifting up their community.

Kenyan Towels

Nairobi, Kenya

Our Kenyan Beach Towels are loomed in Nairobi, Kenya by fairly-paid artisans. They are crafted from a cloth called kikoy, which is traditionally worn as a sarong by fishermen along the Swahili Coast. We add a lightweight terrycloth lining and a pocket--perfect for stashing your wallet or cell phone while you go for a dip.

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